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Steps To Start On Acrylic Painting Ideas

abstract acrylic painting techniques

Acrylic painting ideas can be found anywhere. There are lots of media that used to paint by using acrylic, could be canvas, clothes, mirrors, walls, tables, and so forth. Painting by using acrylic is widely used by famous artists even for those young artists who just about to start painting, this paint very suitable to use.

Simple Steps in Acrylic Painting Ideas Use acrylic paint a bit gradually. Do not use it too much when you are going to apply the color to the canvas. This paint dries quickly and if you use it too much it will dry all at time. It is better for you to use it gradually. Create a wash of if you want to get thin transparent layers. If you want to have a transparent layer, you have to wash if of carefully.  Transparent layer can only be made if you can make a wash that produce a thin layer on the painting. A thick layer will produce a shiny surface.

If you want to mix the color, you have to work fast before the paint dries. If you are going to paint by using paper you could give a little water to the paper, because it will slow down the paint dries up.

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