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Stair Rails Decorating Ideas

exterior stair railings

Stair rails are probably the most important elements in your home, yet they’re always forgotten and stay plain without any touch of decorations. In fact, you can do many things with it like painting the walls or putting some family photographs. Now, it’s time to give much prettier look for your stair rails because every home element deserves to appear appealing.

Lights and paints for your stair rails Shiny sparkling lights are not always used for celebration. Twinkle lights are in fact ideal for this decorating type. Don’t stick with the usual colors. Try different shades and remember not to overwhelm the room with too much light. To add more vibrant atmosphere for your stair rails, try to paint them with different colors like bold plum and magenta, or black and white.

Decorating stair rails with garlands Many people use evergreen ornaments for stair rails. But, that doesn’t mean the right standard to decorate the rails. You can garland with different types. Beads are able to brighten up the circumstances. Ribbon and thread work as well to create a softer look. Don’t forget to put the freshest flowers on some strings for spring and summer. You can have a try to fasten some scarves altogether to create a delicate feel.

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