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Simple Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideas

baby shower centerpiece

Baby shower centerpieces ideas to decorate a baby shower that hosted by you are very important things. The ideas should make the soon-to-be-mum wife and husband happy and content as well as the guests. Because the guests will be the family and the close friends, letting your creativity on making things for the centerpieces can give personal touch. It will create warm and comfortable feeling for the couple and the guests to welcome the baby girl or boy.

Simple Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideas and Tips Flower is a must as the part of decorations in every occassion. You can use a single rose without the stem and put them in a small glass vase, then arrange them together on the table. If you have several unused old tins, you can use them as vases. After clean the tins, fill them with several pastel colored flowers. Fruits can also be a part of decorations. Several baskets filled with apples and oranges can bring the rustic atmosphere if you put them on the table. If the baby shower takes outdoor place, you can make decorations by combining the flowers with candle. You can use floating candles in the small glass bowls with flower petals, or colored water candles. Don’t forget to place a beautiful diaper cake on the center of the table.

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