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Monkey Centerpieces Ideas for Birthday

monkey decorations

Monkey centerpieces are popular these days in many occassion, such as birthday party and baby shower. Monkey is considered cute and funny for most of children. You can also turn the party into wild jungle or safari with the monkey things as the decoration and centerpiece. Your kids will love this idea because you will allow them to be sometimes mischievous in their jungle themed birthday. If you don’t want install the wild jungle theme, you can turn monkey centerpieces into a cute and sweet party.

Monkey Centerpieces for Birthday Use the monkey themed invitation to invite the guests. Put fun quotes, such as “Monkeying Around” on the invitation to let the guests grasp what is the theme of the birthday party. Use the same sayings everywhere in your house, such as in the banner, in the cards, or in another wallie decorations to create the fun atmosphere. Add the monkey and banana balloons in every corner of the house. You can also provide the monkey ears for the kids. To make the little monkeys in your house happy, provide the banana cupcakes and sweets. Also, a banana birthday cake for the birthday boy or girl. For the birthday favors, you can put monkey magnet or keychains in the goodie bag along with dried banana chips.

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