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Minnie Mouse Party Ideas to Your Little Girl’s Birthday

minnie mouse party idea

Minnie mouse party ideas are good for your little girl’s birthday. Many little girls love the cute and sweet Minnie Mouse. The basic color for Minnie Mouse themed birthday party are also various. Black, red, or hot pink, you can use either one of them. You also can add the polkadot motives to make the party more lively. Let your daughter tell you what she wants for her Minnie Mouse themed birthday, then you make it comes true.

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas and Tips Because you will have party with Minnie Mouse theme, make sure the invitations are in Minnie Mouse theme too. Use the head pattern of Minnie Mouse with her ribbon between ears as the invitation. Place the sweets and your little girl’s cake on the Minnie Mouse dessert table. All the sweets, cupcakes, and birthday cake should in Minnie Mouse theme. You can order them in the nearest bakery or make them yourself. The sweets can be made from oreos grouped together into Minnie’s head shaped, or frozen watermelons with the same shape. Dress your daughter in pink tutu or dress that shared the polkadot motives of Minnie Mouse. Let she and the guests wear Minnie Mouse ears to celebrate the party. Don’t forget to decorate every corner of your house with Minnie’s head shaped balloons and matching color papercraft.

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