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How to Make Decorated Wine Glasses

decorated wine glass

Decorated wine glasses can be used as birthday gift or bridesmaid favor. Depends on the situation, the decorated wine glasses also can be used as decorative items in your small and comfortable party for family or close friends. Instead of ordering and buying it, you can make the decorated wine glasses yourself. It’s easy and if you want to give them as gift, they have the fancy and personal touch that will make the receiver happy.

Tips and Trick to Make Decorated Wine Glasses You can either make the decorated wine glasses into wine glasses with unique drawings, candle holders, lamps holder, cake stand, chandelier, and many more ideas. Use your creativity to create something unique and fancy to decorate your wine glasses. Before starting to paint the wine glasses, there are several things you should pay attention. You will need the paint that can’t be washed off. Or you can simply dip the base in chalkboard paint, then write or draw the base with the fancy pattern. Remember to clean the glasses before you paint them. Wash the glasses with warm water and dry them, then clean the glasses with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove the stains and dirts that will affect your paint work. You can either stamp the pattern on the glasses then trace it or draw directly.

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