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Cute Accessories For Princess Baby Shower Decorations

princess theme baby shower

Princess baby shower decorations could be as baby shower theme for you. Giving welcome party at home for new mother and new baby born can be inlaid with a princess theme. The accessories in decorating this baby shower are very easy to be found anywhere. This kind of decoration is for new girl baby born.

Ideas in Princess Baby Shower Decorations In decorating this baby shower, you can order a welcome cake form of palace complete with standing soldiers in front of the gate or temples that form a rectangle at the top of the palace. You could also buy a cake shaped of crown that given a star on the cake. In the arrangement of the dining table, you could arrange them as in the kingdom. Long dining table and chairs are arranged sideways equipped with palace typical chandeliers. Add a flower pot filled with candy or cotton candy. You could also use round table in a random stacking complete with eating utensils, napkins, and pink colored glasses.

In determining the color of this decoration is also very easy, choose pink and white color. Prizes that will be given for the baby is princess dress complete with white baby shoes. For snacks, you could buy a pink cupcake and also give a star on it.

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