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Breakfast Nook Ideas on Making Your Own Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook bench

Breakfast nook ideas to install cozy breakfast nook in our house are various. It actually depends on the house where the breakfast nook will be installed. As breakfast is important to start the day, a cozy breakfast nook may be a place to sit and eat the breakfast comfortably every morning.

Breakfast Nook Ideas; Simple and Easy Breakfast nook only takes a small space in the corner of your kitchen or dining room. You can build it if you don’t have breakfast nook right now. Pick the sunny corner, then place the furnitures for two to four people there, now you have a comfortable nook for breakfast, coffee, and tea time. Breakfast nook usually placed by facing the windows to get enough natural light. Pick the furnitures that will reflect the light perfectly while complement the color of kitchen furnitures.

Decorate your nook furniture with some color that fit your personality. Remember that a breakfast nook is supposed to be on the corner of the kitchen, so you will only need a small table, such as café table. Place two up to four chairs around the table, put a few of pillows with similar fabrics or color. You may put a vase of flowers on the table, along with a basket of fruits to make it more lively under the sunlight from the windows.

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