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50th Anniversary Party Ideas to Celebrate the Golden Marriage

50th anniversary cakes

The golden marriage celebration must be thrown using the great 50th anniversary party ideas. Being together in love for 50 years is a very wonderful achievement, so it is certainly deserve to celebrate. The spouse has been together for half century in whatever conditions, in every up and down. You may arrange the fabulous anniversary party for your parents with your relatives. There are two kind of common anniversary party: the small intimate party or the big magnificent party. Discuss the party type with your parents and relatives, depends on their votes and budget.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas for the Small Intimate Party

You may arrange the small intimate party which only invites the close relatives. This kind of party can be held at home or family’s favorite restaurant. Although this party is small and modest, you can feel the closer and more intimate nuance among the guests. This party will be very memorable for you, your parents, and the guests. The benefit of holding this party is that it is much simpler to make. If you throw the party at home, serve the homemade family favorite foods and beverages. If there is a hereditary recipe; do not forget to serve it. Decorate the house using the spouse’s portrait. If you want to celebrate it at restaurant, book a room or floor you’re the party, so the situation will be more intimate.

The Ideas for Big Magnificent 50th Anniversary Party

There are some tips for holding the bigger party. The preparation will be more complicated. First, decide the amount of the invited guests. Usually the guests are relatives, working mates, and friends. Then, choose the venue adjusted to the guest amount. You may use hotel ballroom or multifunction building. Build the stage in the building, hire an MC, and arrange the activities during the party. Do not forget to provide entertainment in the party such as live music, bands, or even DJ. Sometimes the venue offers a package that includes building, food and beverages, and party activities.

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