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40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men and Women

40th birthday party ideas for women best

40 is just a number and 40th birthday party ideas never die. There are many fabulous part concepts to celebrate 40th birthday. The age of 40 does not mean you have to reduce your creativity in creating party and you cannot throw the great party, yet with the appropriate theme you can create the memorable birthday party. This article would like to show you some fascinating birthday party concept for the 40th.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Make the masculine 40th birthday party by having the red black silver party concept. This theme is actually not really specific, yet all men love simple things, so by using this theme that you can throw the great party without having too much preparation. You may use your backyard as the venue. Change the outdoor venue into the indoor one by installing white tent. Then, decorate the tent using red and black balloons, tissue poms, and Christmas lamps. To decorate the table, use centerpieces which are created from glass jars filled with colored candies, then add the 40-themed printable paper fans.

40th Birthday Party Concept for Women

Most women in 40th love elegance. Having Tiffany’s & Co. concept for 40th women is a good idea. There are no women who do not love Tiffany’s & Co. Of course you do not need to put all the Tiffany’s jewelry as the part decoration. As the birthday cake, use the blue birthday cake with present at the top layer. Decorate the cake with pearls made from whip cream and white dipped rice crisps to give the Tiffany’s elegance outlook. Please the guests with some girly cake with Tiffany’s theme such as cake with Audrey Hepburn picture and cake with ‘pearl’. You also can decorate the room with letters “Your Name & Co.”

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