Weekend Ready: Miami for Labor Day

Weekend Ready: Miami for Labor Day
Oh man, it has been a long week. I have been waiting for this trip and it is finally here! I am going to be ducking out of work early to head down to Miami to visit one of my best friends from college. We plan on laying out, eating good food, and going out on the town. So excited! Of course, I have all of my outfits ready to go for my trip! Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Seeing a Spots and Squares

Seeing a Spots and Squares
I love a great black and white combo – it is just so classic and even adding a pop of color here and there doesn’t hurt either. I did an post a few months back discussing my favorite ways to mix and match prints in the summer. For me, the key to mixing prints is either mixing a loud print (animal print, floral print, stripes) with a more subtle print (such as lace, embroidery, different texture) OR mixing two different prints that have different proportions but stay in the same color family (hence the spots and squares in black and white).
The windowpane print is a new trend this fall which is basically a more minimal take on wearing plaid. Animal print on the other hand is not a new trend per say, but the cheetah print is taking a slight precedence this season. Windowpane and animal print paired together in black and white are sure to make a great combination for the early fall season. What are your thoughts on the trend?

Western Romance

Western romance
While I certainly love dressing up and wearing dresses and tailored blazers, there is a more practical side of me that just loves casual dressing. In the winter, this means cozy sweaters, boyfriend jeans, and plaid shirts. I think adding hints of ‘western chic’ to your casual winter wardrobe for weekend wear will amp up your style radar. You are still comfortable yet trendy at the same time. I really love the western prints for easy to style sweaters and cowboy inspired boots. Everyond has to have a few plaid sweaters in their closet and how cute are they paired with a girly lace skirt? What are your go to items for casual dressing in the winter?