Chunky Sweaters, Slouchy Boots, Boho Dresses

Chunky Sweater, Slouchy Boots, Boho Dresses
Is it just me, or is everyone else obsessing over chunky sweaters this season? I am loving them – great for the weekends and the casual work day. I was oh so inspired by Michael Kors’ Fall 2014 Collection this year so I was anxious to find similar looking outfits!

My Fall Trip to the Carribean

The world is a beautiful place and I love any opportunity to explore it. I might have a passion for clothes and fashion but I also have a great love for travel. I would encourage everyone to try to travel to a new place at least once a year. I spent this past week in the beautiful Caribbean islands. We started in Puerto Rico for our first night – walked around town and ate at the local restaurants.

(Puerto Rico)


Next, we hopped on a boat to St Thomas (one of my favorites on the trip). The water was crystal clear and I got to eat some great conch at a local restaurant. We spent our beach day at Magans Bay – which I highly recommend. We are definitely planning on going back there for an extended stay. After St. Thomas, we went to hot, hot, hot Barbados. We ate the local flying fish and sipped on some rum at the Mount Gay distillery. IMG_0432 IMG_0442 IMG_0464 IMG_0470

Our third stop at port was mostly spent zip lining in the rainforest of St. Lucia and eating their national dish called fig and salt fish. It was more on the rainy side for this day so we tried to recover from much exploration and activity by taking it easy. On Friday, we headed to the beautiful beaches of St. Kitts. We ended the vacation on a positive note while in St. Marteen (another one of my favs – mostly because of the shopping!).

IMG_0480 IMG_0509 IMG_0504 IMG_0534 IMG_0544

It is always so hard to come back from a nice week off but I was glad to be able to take the time to ‘zone out’ for a few days. It was more of a hectic vacation spent on a huge cruise of people and not to mention we visited 5 ports! I would recommend going if you want to see a variety of islands in a short period of time but definitely try to stay an extra day or two before and after the trip to recover. I was pretty exhausted by the time we got back last night – phew! Vacation is the best though and we are already planning our next escape..I am thinking something a little more low key next time….:)

Perfect Fall Plaids

Happy Friday! It is almost the end of my vacation but I guess all good things must come to an end, right? Looks like I am going to have to start to plan my next trip! At least I have the holidays to look forward to :)
Nothing says fall more than all plaid everything. I seriously live in a vast variety of plaid shirts all throughout fall and winter. You just can’t go wrong – they are SO comfy. I also have a few plaid blazers in my closet that have last a few years. They really don’t ever go out of style. So, of course I need to get my plaid fix this season and here are some major contenders.
Hope you enjoy the weekend! Can’t believe it is the last weekend in October already!